Common issues faced by some black (Nigerian) women in inter-ethnic marriages

Just as racism is a big deal across the world, in my country (Nigeria), ethnicity is also much of a deal. …

“Let me breathe”

A poem on the pain and trauma of unrequited love

I heard you the first time

and the second time

and the third time

I heard you every time


Can you just let me breathe?

You’re strangling me with your words

You’re strangling my body


The healing process after the loss of a baby or pregnancy could seem unending

I have decided to share major parts of my healing process because when I experienced my loss, I hardly found stories of healing by mothers with similar experience. I hope that through this write-up, someone finds succor in my process.

Firstly, I need to mention that I cried as much…

The loss of a child is one of the many wounds that life and time never fully heals…

Prior to my experience I had never heard of (or I had never just paid attention) to terms like “sleeping baby”, “rainbow baby” or you know other similar terms, until I had…

Firdaws Oyebisi P-Ibrahim

1.) Writer: Passionate, Creative, Versatile; 2.) Student: Current PhD researcher in Literature; 3.) Human: Woman

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